How to protect the vehicle interior from sunlight. Effective protection of the cabin from the sun

Returning to the left under the burning sun of the car, many shudder at the thought that now have to sit in a stuffy and hot salon.

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In clear Sunny weather, when the air temperature in the shade does not exceed 24-250 C, for 2 hours of stay of the car in the sun the air inside can heat up to 50-600 C. the Problem is not only in comfort. The conditioners most new cars, for a minute or two to cope with hot air, cooled to a temperature of C. 18-200 From the effects of high temperatures and sunlight may fade the upholstery, discolored and broken panels (especially the front), wear out or begin to fail of the electronic device, which abundantly equipped with modern machines. The only way out of this situation is reliable protection car Windows from sun rays.


Tint film is quite long been used by motorists for protection of the salons of their cars from the sun. As technology evolves, replaced by a simple single-layer tinting films have come a multilayer film with a complex structure. Colored film tinting glass consists of several layers of colored and clear polyester, alternating between them. With one hand on the tape glue (usually resistant to temperature differences and acryl), the other side to avoid scratches with protective layer. The composition of the colored film are also absorbers of UV radiation. Metallized film different from that painted an additional layer coated with tiny particles of aluminum. Its light and heat reflective properties markedly superior to similar characteristics of the colored film. Patterna film differs from others in that instead of staining when toning using metallization due to the ion exchange. This technology allows us to put on a layer of polyester of arbitrary materials. The coating creates a uniform and durable. Warranty distributed by the manufacturer on spattern film – life. Combined film, made by Salerno-metallized technology, consists of alternating spattering, metallized and painted layers.

Use sun screens

One way to protect your car from the scorching rays of the sun is the use of screens made of synthetic fabric with mesh structure. Suckers, which are equipped with such devices that allow to fix them on the inner surface as the rear side Windows and rear window of the car. Similar functions are performed shutters fitted folding into a roll with a protective screen. The method of fixation of these devices may be different from the brackets and hooks of different shapes to the usual suckers. To protect windshield screens are widely used consisting of two highly reflective surfaces on aluminum, connected by a foam core that serves as a heat insulator. These screens are made in the form of an accordion and easy to fold, occupying a minimum of space in the cabin or the trunk. Their size and design can be very different, and they are mounted using the suction cups or lacing. The most effective reflective screens in the case of placing them on the inside of the glass, and the outside when the reflected heat energy does not remain inside the cabin and dissipated in the surrounding air car. Unfortunately, this type of protection is only possible in the case of placing the car in a guarded Parking.

Manufacture of protective shields with your hands

Screens from the sun is able to produce each. As source material you can use double-sided foil isolon or other material with similar properties, the blessing, they are sold in every supermarket building. First, the need to make cardboard templates. Yes, it will take some time, but will protect from improper cutting of the foil material. Ready blinds installed in the opening between the interior trim and glass, allowing you to lower and raise the glass without removing the screens. Options for protecting the car interior from the sun a lot, pick and choose, guided by personal preference and depending on the thickness of the purse.

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