How to make nezamerzayku. Preparation of antifreezing liquid of your hands

Driving in the cold season is impossible without the use of antifreeze. Is it better to buy it in the store or cook for yourself?

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Driving in the cold season is impossible without the use of antifreeze. Is it better to buy it in the store or cook for yourself?

the Trouble with shopping nezamerzaika

Literally every other driver with experience can remember at least one case where store-bought non-freezing fluid under the influence of low temperatures or freeze in the washer tank glass, or jelly-like and so thick that to push it through the nozzle of the sprayers could not no, even the strong pump. Very few motorists are willing to pay big money for quality nezamerzayku, most car owners tend to buy inexpensive zamerzayu liquid. And manufacturers of counterfeit pleasure to satisfy their needs, filling market non-freezing liquids so-called "products" consisting of a cheap solvent, diluted with water, or which is the usual water colored by the dye. Aggressive substances in the composition of the above-mentioned solvent, is able in one season to ruin the paint and rubber parts.

what is antifreeze

The main component is the alcohol nezamerzayki. Thanks to him, it is possible to reduce the temperature of crystallization and freezing of the washer fluid. Previously for the production of nezamerzayki used food ethyl alcohol. It is not poisonous, not toxic, has no odor, but in comparison with other types of alcohol has a very high cost. A cheaper equivalent is ethyl methyl alcohol having a low boiling point and the almost complete absence of smell. Due to the toxicity of methyl alcohol is its use for the production of non-freezing liquid completely banned in some countries, in others it is a constant ingredient nezamerzayki. Isopropyl alcohol is cheaper than ethanol and is also not poisonous, and therefore is widely used for production of liquids-washer. Its only drawback a sharp unpleasant "fragrance", very similar to the smell of acetone. In addition to alcohol, in composition nezamerzayki is purified water, which allows to reduce the cost of the final product, detergents, various fragrances designed to hide the unpleasant smell of the cooked solution and dye, giving the liquid an attractive presentation.

Cooking nezamerzayki with your hands

After studying the composition of non-freezing liquid, her own cooking is unlikely to cause confusing to someone. What alcohol to take to a makeshift nezamerzayki — you decide based on your own abilities and preferences. Water for cooking washing liquid is best to take distilled, filtered amiss also, in extreme cases, water must be given at least to settle, to reduce the formation of plaque in pipes and nozzles in the glass washer. In what proportions to mix the alcohol and water? It all depends on what kind of liquid with a freezing point you want to get. The percentage of alcohol, % The freezing point of the solution, 0C 0 0 10 -4 20 -7 30 -15 40 -18 50 -21 60 -23 70 -29 80 -37 Having prepared a solution with a 10% content of alcohol (1 part alcohol and 9 parts of water), hoping that it will withstand severe frosts, because the temperature of freezing, according to the table is -40 C. Mix 6 parts of alcohol and 4 parts water (60% solution), get nezamerzayku that will suit the vast majority of motorists, because of its crystallization starts only at a temperature of -230 C. To the prepared solution will add 40-50 ml of any detergent or car shampoo and after mixing to fill the windshield washer reservoir. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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