How to recognize the avtopodstavy. Types of motor bases

To avoid avtopodstavy, it must be able to recognize. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most common types of road bases.

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To avoid avtopodstavy, it must be able to recognize. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most common types of road bases.

with the Eviction of the occupied bandwidth

A classic of the genre. The attackers used two cars: drove and substitute. The car is the victim moves along the road with several bands. Drove the car criminals (by the way, this may be another vehicle, for example, a motorcycle) dramatically cuts the car with an unsuspecting driver. The one to avoid a traffic accident, begins to readjust the adjacent lane, which is a short distance, while in the "dead zone", moving the second car of the criminals involved in the avtopodstavy. This machine dramatically increases the speed, resulting in car-victim rebuilding inevitably touches injected by the crooks car. Drove the car disappears from sight, and substituted car come out strong, confident guys and proceed to the psychological pressure on the victim. Sometimes sleeves on adjacent lane use is not undercutting the victims, and especially moving in front of her with a low speed vehicle. When no beeps, no flashing lights do not have a car-"the tortoise" effect, the driver of the car-the victim decides to move over into the other lane, where it awaits the substitute car.

the Imitation of the beginning of the movement

Used at intersections equipped with traffic lights or at departure from minor road on main. This technique is especially effective in the cold season, when the coefficient of friction of tires with road surface approaching zero. The car in which the attackers are, shows the beginning of the movement (the stop lights go out, increases the exhaust from the exhaust pipe, the vehicle starts to move forward). The driver of the next car behind them includes gear and presses the accelerator pedal in time to pass the intersection without creating unnecessary congestion. At this time substitute the car brakes suddenly, slowing the movement. As a result the car traveling behind the victim hits back in the car criminals. Of course, blame is the driver of the rear vehicle, since it is not adhered to a safe distance while driving. Another avtopodstava using insufficient distance between vehicles used by speculators in traffic jams or at traffic lights on roads leading uphill. The driver of the substitute car releases the brake and his car rolled down backwards, hitting the machine behind him-the victim.

turn to the right from the left row

A car with a law-abiding driver approaches the intersection where he should turn right. But here's the problem – just a few meters from the intersection in the right lane parked the car. To perform a right turn, it is necessary to go around the left side. At the time when the driver has almost completed the detour parked in violation of the rules of the car and began to turn to the right, standing up to this machine with the attackers abruptly moves off and hits the turning car in the right side. Wrong, of course, is the driver who made a right turn from the left number. Let avtopodstavy pass you by! Good luck to you!

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