How to make a car winch. Hoist with your own hands

Drivers who are not afraid of the road, often find themselves in a situation where the car gets stuck or Grozny. The best Savior in such cases — road winch.

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In the market of spare parts and car accessories has a huge number of all kinds of winches of different types, but the real mechanics and craftsmen prefer to make this simple, but very indispensable mechanism with their hands.

Types of winches

Regardless of its type, each capstan has a similar design and principle of operation: the pulling force is transmitted through cable from the drum, driven by a gear motor or by muscle power of the hands. The electric drive. As the power element are the electric motors of sufficient power with a high torque value. Also can be used for automotive starter, converted to electric motor. To avoid rapid discharge of the vehicle battery, an important condition when selecting the motor for the winch is a moderate consumption of electric current. The hydraulically driven winch has impressive traction and power, but because of the large geometric dimensions of the nodes, the need for oil and the capacity for it, the use of this kind of homemade car hoist is not always possible. Hand winch among other mechanisms accentuates the simplicity of the design, however, this device requires the presence of the operator and depends on his physical strength. Quite often the handle of the hand winch perform in the form of an elongated lever.

Manufacturer winches

You can select and buy a car winch factory production with efficient, quality and reliable mechanisms, however, do not give up the possibility of manufacturing a car hoist with their own hands. All you need to begin the drum, the finished or partially finished. Perfect for a homemade winch steel pipe with the inner base of the bearing and is welded onto the cheeks. The dimensions of the count, based on their needs. One end should be equipped with a gear attached to the gearbox or mechanical parts of a manual actuator. In this case, the optimal choice of mechanism to the worm gear, because it has a great gear ratio and is equipped with an independent braking system that reflects favorably on its performance characteristics. All knots are lubricated, and is firmly fixed on the frame. To ensure high security, the gear or the starter is closed with a metal shield. The process of mounting the starter as the power node is to set the basis to a platform of sheet metal, fixing by welding drum rack, set up and mount the gearbox primary shaft up. The starter shaft by means of adapter pushed the crown of the flywheel, check the strength of the installation, close the starter, and run the wiring. Homemade car hoist very easy to use and highly effective, although it has no additional functions change the gear ratios, speeds and reverse. In combination with a hoist or other devices, it will easily cope with heavy lifting on height and will easily pull your stuck car in the mud.

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