How to choose inexpensive used cars

When the amount of funds accumulated to buy a car, not up to the cost of a new machine, the choice falls on used cars. Which one to choose?

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Why foreign cars with mileage? Because new cars of the domestic auto industry many a soul, that is, is not because of their moral obsolescence, while the used cars of foreign manufacture, regardless of age, have enough comfort, functionality and durability. Following a review of the car in no way claims to be comprehensive analytical study. It is just an attempt to summarize own experience of owning cars with mileage information received from friends, colleagues and the repair shop.

Daewoo Matiz

Opt for this South Korean compact car, the less money you'll spend on gasoline, three-cylinder engine because of this "kid" it consumes 5 liters per 100 km on the highway and up to 8 liters in the urban cycle. Overhaul of the motor will need when the odometer will approach $ run 200 thousand miles, sometimes a little earlier. Due to good design of the suspension replacement shock absorbers, bushings and other rubber parts will rise only after 50 thousand mileage. By the way, the low cost of spare parts for Matiz due to the large number of non-original analogues of Chinese production with a quite reasonable quality. Yes and the Chinese small car Chery QQ most parts will fit without problems. Iron body – a few concolato, so to avoid unnecessary costs body repair it is better to blow out mowilem all available cavity, and the bottom anticorrosive treating composition.

Daewoo Lanos and Daewoo Nexia

These machines have earned the title of national import classics. With a little more appetite than the Matiz, they are noticeably higher interior capacity and trunk. The car's bodywork zinc on the conveyor, which increases their ability to resist corrosion. But the silencer in this respect, disappoint — in many machines it is commonplace rusts and is destroyed Suspension of these brothers of Daewoo is very hard to kill even on our far from perfect roads, and the life of the engine allows you to safely ski or ride more than 200 thousand kilometers. The main costs – the replacement of consumables and rubber parts of the suspension. In comparison with other foreign cars, spare parts to both models is obscenely cheap. As one friend said: "I Have over 7 years broke more often the wife than the car". Why do you think these cars are so popular with taxi drivers?

Mazda 323 and Mazda 626

A significant difference between them, except that the first machine is more compact and cheap. Quality metal body in company with two-sided zinc phosphate coated and properly conducted anti-corrosion treatment for many years saving you from having to look under the bottom, look for rust on arches, sills and bottom of doors. Engine maintenance is minimized, only need the periodic replacement of consumables, replacement timing belt and adjustment of thermal backlashes of valves after every 100 thousand kilometers. The life of the engine of Mazda is 350 thousand kilometers. Shortage of spare parts thanks to the incredible prevalence of these cars, no – both new and second hand sold on avtorazborka.

Mercedes-Benz C class

Presentable appearance, high comfort level, easy handling and real German quality. This rear-wheel drive car though and will cost when buying more expensive than previously considered, the operation would require, perhaps, the least investment. Why should only the manufacturer claimed the life of the engine 500 thousand kilometers! Thanks to the simple design and moderate the content of electronic modules, diagnosis and repair of the engine are possible without the use of complex and expensive equipment. To the chassis of the Mercedes have no complaints, she is almost eternal. Buying used cars, be mentally prepared, in addition to the amount spent on its purchase will most likely have to shell out another tranche of funding (sometimes considerable) for the current repair of the car or its tuning. In other words, never buy a car on the last money! Good luck in choosing foreign cars! Let it be reliable and never breaks!

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