How to extend the life of the car and avoid costly repairs

How to make use of the car is not turned into an endless series of dull repairs, pretty devastating to the wallet of its owner.

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The tips below someone will seem boring and trivial, we hope that many will be useful and will really help to reduce the costs of your car.

in Time to change the oil and technical liquids

Carefully read the manual of your car. Believe me, the timing of replacement of engine oil, brake, coolant, and other fluids – is not a marketing ploy of the manufacturer and not a corporate conspiracy aimed at receiving super profits by the automotive petroleum refining and chemical industries, and the experience of several generations of automotive designers, engineers and fitters. And if in the passport of the machine indicated that the oil should be changed every 10 or 20 thousand kilometers, do not attempt to increase the frequency of its replacement, arguing that in appearance it is still very clean, will definitely do a replacement. This also fully applies to other lubricants and fluids.

don't skimp on consumables

The relatively low cost of automotive consumables may cause non-serious and dismissive attitudes of novice drivers. The drop in oil pressure in the lubrication system due to very dirty oil filter will cause accelerated wear of moving parts and lead to engine overheating with all the ensuing consequences. As a result, saving on the oil filter, you then have to fork out for engine overhaul. A clogged air filter will not be able to obtain the desired amount of air into the combustion chamber, and fuel filter, long in need of replacement, do not submit the same to the desired portion of the fuel. The engine will run rough, stall, and its successful launch will be almost a feat. Spark plugs and high voltage wires be attributed to the consumables can be a stretch, however, treat them as a consumable item and after working with them given the mileage we will change them for new ones.

Use quality parts and follow the technology of repair work

Spare parts for the car must be certified, of high quality and produced on the Assembly line automobile plant or at the manufacturing facilities of its partners. Beware of counterfeit products that have flooded in present automotive markets. Do not be fooled by their low cost, as they are made without respect or with flagrant violations of production technology, such parts and components are unlikely to have sufficient resource wear, and therefore will last a relatively short time. Buy spare parts for machines in retail stores and at authorized points of sale. If it so happened that the finances are just too tight, it is better to buy a slightly used, but brand detail on the numerous points of disassembly of the car, than to buy on the market the product from an unknown manufacturer that masquerades as a famous brand. The desire to repair the machine by yourself it is understandable and commendable. However, every year the way cars are becoming more complex, requiring special tools and diagnostic equipment. If you are unsure of your abilities, leave car repairs to the professionals at certified service centers, rather than the Jack of all trades — uncle Vasya from the neighboring garage.

don't neglect automotive cosmetics

To avoid the appearance of rust lesions on the underside of the car, the inside of the wings and other body parts will help them treatment anti-corrosion compositions. If desired, this operation can be performed independently, since for the application of protective mastic of high qualification is not required, and instead of expensive spray gun you can use an ordinary paint brush. Regularly wash your car. You know – dirty the car body rusts much faster. Sticking for weeks or months on the surface of the body "coating" of mud, road salt and particle exhaust can turn the vehicle into a leaky sieve for 2-3 years. After each washing process the body of molten wax or other protective means. Fill all hairline cracks in a paint and varnish covering of the body, the wax will prevent corrosion on unprotected metal. And another tip — learn to listen to your car. All serious breakages do not occur suddenly and at one point, they will start with minor malfunctions of assemblies and mechanisms. Time hearing and recognizing the sound of pop, have a chance to get off with minor and low-cost repair. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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