How to tow a car. The rules for towing on a flexible hitch

Unfortunately, not all of a car breakdown on the way you can correct yourself. Sometimes you need to tow the car to the nearest point of service.

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Due to the fact that the need for towing a car is extremely rare, many drivers faced with this task for the first time, palpably nervous and excited. Meanwhile, for successful towing you need only follow the rules outlined below.

Tow rope and its fitting

To towing a car on a flexible hitch was safe, check the tow rope. The old and the old cable can break, however it is not so much about the inconveniences caused by the necessity of its binding, but the fact that its failure is fraught with unforeseen consequences for both car towing and towed machines. Another weak point of the tow rope are hooks and hooks, breaking or razvivayuschiesya while driving on the hitch. Convinced of the reliability of the cable, they connect the cars. Fixation of the rope would be safer, if not to cling hook the eyelet over the towed vehicle, and the first to pass him in the same eye or earring, and then fasten a hook or carabiner on the rope, leaving in the side car tug. The loop should tighten on the eye. In many cars are there two towing eyes front and rear. Which one is better to use. The car towing the rope attached to her left earring, and towed the car to the right. With this method of mounting the driver of the towed machine will be the best review, and to maneuver the car it will become easier.

Before you start

Fixing a tow rope, make a deal with his counterpart on conditional signals. Stretched out the window up the hand of the driver of the vehicle-towing is a warning of the impending braking or deceleration of motion and the blinking lights of the towed car – please stop. Even better to exchange mobile phone numbers, to be able if necessary to establish voice communication. To avoid blocking the helm of the towed vehicle, check whether the inserted and turned key in the ignition. In the same machine slightly open the window on the driver's side, otherwise in rainy or cold weather its glasses will instantly fog up, significantly complicating the review. Towed the car by turning on the emergency lights, and the towing – dipped headlights, you can start a movement.


The most difficult thing in the process of tow – starting and set speed. To start the movement slowly and smoothly: after the tow rope will be stretched, you should squeeze the clutch, then press the gas a little more than usual and then smoothly release the clutch pedal. Often fraught with not only a broken rope, the increased load on the vehicle towing if not properly a clutch can quickly incapacitate him. While driving from the driver of a tow, except for the smooth operation of the clutch pedal, you need to quickly change gears, avoiding sudden accelerations and "failures". The engine rpm is recommended to keep elevated. The task of the driver towed the car to constantly slow down slightly, keeping the tow rope taut. Do not abuse the speed, rather trying to get to the destination, the speed at towage should not exceed 50 km/h. Do not attempt to tow a car-automatic transmission at distances greater than 50 km, otherwise the gear transmission in the absence of lubrication in the literal sense of the word erased together. Remember that towing on a flexible coupling is prohibited in the case of ice, the fault in towed vehicle braking system or the steering system. Car towing has to be fully functional. Good luck to you! No nail, no wand!

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