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Welcome to How To News Mantra - all about how to make everything and some world news. We publish master-classes on how to make this or that thing, interesting and unusual decoration at home, needlework and Handicrafts made of paper - origami, women's jewellery, thanks to our resource you can make a gift loved it-yourself or even a small greeting card.

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How to make interesting decor and yummy dishes

We publish master-classes about how to make this or that thing, interesting and unusual decor at home, needlework and Handicrafts made of paper - origami, women's jewelry, with our site you can make a gift loved it-yourselfer or even a small greeting card

Do-it-yourself - good advice!

Today is actively developing the market of handmade and this is not surprising because of the available tools with minimal cost, you can do anything. Products of hand-made a perfect gift for your friends and family will give new life to old things and will become a prerequisite for starting a business.

On the website you will find many popular ideas, but will also receive detailed instructions on how to do exclusive things. Today, the shelves just flooded with monotonous goods, of which it is difficult to choose a creative gift. Crafts made from stone, wood, paper, clay, thread, tape will bring to your life and the interior personality. The world of Hand-made products – the opportunity to realize your creative and interesting way to spend leisure time.

There are varieties of hand-made, which will allow to change the interior, change the clothes, fix or improve the technique and make unique gifts and jewellery.

DIY together with

step by Step photo, video instructions and helpful tips on the website will make you believe that many things can easily be done by hand. In the category "Crafts" you will discover decorative arts and improvised to make beautiful and useful things. According to our instructions you will be able to conduct creative activities with the children, making from paper, salt dough and thread an amazing song. Interesting leisure time spent as a family, contribute to the development of fine motor skills in children, logical thinking, formation of aesthetic taste and identify talent at an early age.

the Category "Gifts" will help you understand the basics of how to make my hands useful and creative things that are in demand in today's market. Decoupage, embroidery ribbons, making candles, trees, coffee and many other things in the future can become not just a hobby, but a way of earning money. Products which are made with their own hands profitably sell over the Internet or pass them to the shops. Together with the website you will be able to fix the computer, to make the lighting, upgrade the fence and feel the real master. We have a lot of master classes, which are unnecessary, at first glance, things will turn in an unusual interior.

Repair yourself

This is a separate category in which we will collect tips and master classes, photo and video on repair of different equipment, and in shared - flats, houses. This will not only instruction, but also different tools and tricks used by the professionals in this business. You can do anything! Go to our columns and excellence in the art of Hand-made.

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